Adobe CLP: FAQs

Adobe CLP Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe CLP?
Adobe CLP stands for Adobe's special Contractual Licensing Program. St. Mary's qualifies for Adobe CLP through our partnership with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) consortium. ICUT aggregates the 40 member institutions and creates a consortium with increased buying power. Thus, St. Mary's is able to qualify for the Adobe CLP program.
How much is the cost of software discounted through Adobe CLP?
It is often promoted that Adobe CLP pricing can provide up to 85% cost savings from the retail price. The thing to understand is that CLP pricing is below volume pricing. It cannot get lower than CLP.
Should I choose Institutional or Personal when buying Adobe CLP products?
All students must purchase through the Personal option. However, faculty, students, and staff can choose between options. The difference is that an "Institutional" purchase is paid with a PO and owned by the University. A "Personal" purchase is made with a personal credit card and is solely owned by the user, not the University.
Where do I purchase Adobe CLP products?
St. Mary's has exclusively partnered with the ScholarBuys to provide purchasing of the Adobe CLP product line. However, because the ScholarBuys sells general Adobe products at regular educational discounts, you want to specifically call and mention the St. Mary's Adobe CLP contract.
Who do I call if I'd like to order over the phone or get an Institutional quote?
Our Adobe CLP representative is Mike Brown. To order products, call 1-877-999-9294 x105. You need to mention St. Mary's University and ask for Adobe CLP pricing. Mike can be reached by email at
Do I need to purchase a Media Set (install CD or DVD)?
Personal purchases come as a bundle and include the media set. If you are purchasing for the institution, you'll need to buy the license and the media set separately. Most media sets only cost an additional $25. However, if your office area is buying several copies of the same software, you can choose to purchase only one media set per office or department.
Can I install my Adobe CLP product on both my desktop and laptop?
The answer is yes. Adobe's software is user based. This means that you can install your software on only one other (laptop or home) computer as long as you are not operating both computers at the same time. Adobe calls this the "Mobility Clause." The alternative computer may not be owned or operated by other users.


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If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Schomburg, Director of Faculty Instructional Technology, at 431-5073 or