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Our division has two service-centered units for you focused on  teaching and learning through technology. Faculty Instructional Technology (355-0362 or 2054) and Academic Media Center (436-3503)


Academic Technology Services (ATS) is a service-oriented division whose main responsibility is to assist the transformation of the pedagogy in the teaching/learning environment. The functions of the department can be placed into several categories: support for instructional design and preparation of material, support for classrooms with technology (equipment), faculty training, and renovation of classrooms. In short, ATS provides faculty with the training and support to use new technologies that enhance classroom instruction.

We are located in Charles L. Cotrell Learning Commons. The Center for Intructional Technology (formerly the Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab) is open for faculty use from 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Thursday and 7 am to 5 pm on Friday. The Faculty is a work area which faculty can use to incorporate technology into the classroom. The latest hardware and software are available as well as assistance from our highly skilled support team.

In short, ATS provides faculty with the training and support to use new technologies aimed at enhancing classroom instruction.

A key to instructional technology is training. We provide a wide variety of technology workshops each semester. Available to faculty, staff, and students, these workshop provide both basic and advanced software skills to the end user.
We also welcome large group and one-to-one training sessions. If your department is interested in a private training session, please email Angel Tazzer, Ph.D. to schedule the event.

A lot of planning and energy have gone into the design and renovation of our technology-enhanced “Smart Classrooms.” Graduate assistants check these rooms twice daily to ensure the equipment is working. ATS has put telephones in
most of these rooms so faculty can call for assistance (431-2054) when needed.

Each semester ATS offers an orientation for all faculty using technology-enhanced classrooms. This orientation makes sure the faculty are familiar with the equipment and any changes in the room since last term. During this orientation, faculty get their ID cards activated to open the card swipe locks in the technology rooms in which they are scheduled to teach. ATS is the department to call (431-2054) if you cannot get into a technology-enhanced classroom during the time in which you are scheduled to teach.

ATS connects faculty and students to support for Blackboard, our Web-based learning management software (LMS). Our Blackboard team is responsible for the technical support, training, maintenance and upkeep for the hardware/software for Blackboard.

Evaluating and recommending emerging technologies is one of the responsibilities of ATS. Your assistance is solicited in this area. Please contact Executive Director Jeff Schomburg with suggestions for pedagogical uses of new software and hardware. We encourage you to visit our facilties and our ATS staff to let us know your needs and how we can support you.



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Our mission is to help you...
bullet Create video
bullet Capture video
bullet Digitize video
bullet Edit video
bullet Stream video
bullet Burn DVD movies
bullet Create audio
bullet Capture audio
bullet Digitize audio
bullet Edit audio
bullet Stream audio
bullet Develop Web instruction
bullet Create interactive Web sites
bullet Learn graphic design
bullet Master desktop publishing
bullet Digitize graphics/images
bullet Create CDs
bullet Duplicate CDs
bullet Create DVDs
bullet Duplicate DVDs
bullet Provide video conferencing
bullet and much more
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Contact Jeff Schomburg at 431-5073 to learn more.