Our Mission and Vision:

Educate, Empower, and Engage

Our Mission


Academic Technology Services (ATS), a division of Information Services, provides St. Mary’s University with training, support, and development to infuse instructional technology throughout the teaching and learning environment.

Our Vision

We see the effect of our vision represented in the Power of E Cubed. Like all great ideas, the Power of E Cubed came to life on a slightly used napkin one hot San Antonio day. The lunch-meeting brainstorm in 2002 was an attempt to explain, in a clear and meaningful way, the visionary impact of Academic Technology Services. After the meeting, it became apparent we had not only captured the vision of ATS, but also its effect—Educate, Empower, and Engage.

At ATS, we are about "Education." Technology comes natural for some, and for others it's extremely allusive. We believe it's our mission to transfer to you, the St. Mary's community, the knowledge and skills in instructional technology that our professional team has acquired over the years. It's an old adage that quality training must involve "Tell, Show, and Do." That's how we train. That's how we educate.

We believe the transfer of skills you gain by working with our ATS team empower you to creatively apply those skills to your own teachings. We want to arm you with the "know how" to create and enhance your teaching wherever technology can offer a solution. That's how we empower.

We'd like nothing better than to see you engage the skills learned at ATS to create educational solutions through technology. Can technology improve your students' learning opportunities? Then let's put those skills to use. And every step of the way, we'll be there to help. That's how we engage.


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Academic Technology
in the Learning Commons:

Center for Instructional Technology

Angel Tazzer, Ph.D., Director
Ph : 210-431-5009

Academic Media Center

Kathe Lehman-Meyer, Director
Ph : 210-431-4345