ATS Learning Spaces

Life: 206


This room has the following features:

Guest Computer ports available
Document Camera Available
DVD player available
VHS player available
Designated WiFi signal available


Video or Audio Display Sources Available:

bullet Guest Laptop via VGA and Audio Cables
bullet DVD/VCR Combo in the Podium
bullet Document Camera in the Podium


Equipment / Software List:

bullet Epson PowerLite 826w (16:9 Widescreen ratio / Native 1280 x 800 pixels / 2500 lumens / 3000 lamp life)
bullet Wolfvision Document Camera
bullet Science Table with AV Equipment Rack for Faculty Podium
bullet Remote Mouse for Presentation Advancement
bullet 10-Watt Projector Speaker (Non Amplified)
bullet Dedicated Classroom WiFi
bullet Security Key Access
bullet Front and Side Chalk Boards
bullet Faculty Guest Internet Cable
bullet Face-Forward Table Seating Configuration



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Our Mobile = 355-0362
On Campus Ext = 2054


For over a decade, ATS has provided a designated "Classroom Hotline" for your assistance.


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For an orientation, contact:

Jeff Schomburg (431-5073)
David Cavazos (436-3083)


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To reserve this room, contact the Registrar's Office at (431-6789).




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