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Treadaway: 380 (Communication Mac Lab)


This room has the following features:

Main Computer available
Guest Computer ports available
DVD player available
Designated WiFi signal available


Video or Audio Display Sources Available:

bullet Permanent iMac Instructor Computer at Podium
bullet Guest Laptop via VGA and Audio Cables in the Cable Cubby
bullet DVD Video Played from the Instructor Computer in the Podium


Equipment / Software List:

bullet Sanyo Projector (16:9 Widescreen ratio / Native 1280 x 800 pixels /3500 lumens / 3000 lamp life)
bullet Laminate Podium Cabinet with AV Equipment Rack
bullet 10-Watt Podium Computer Speakers (Non Amplified)
bullet Dedicated Classroom WiFi
bullet Door Swipe Security Access
bullet Front White Boards
bullet In-Lab Printer
bullet Face-Forward Computer Table Seating Configuration
bullet 10 iMac Student Computers with Dual Monitors
bullet Headsets for each computer

Adobe Creative Suite Software


Apple Final Cut Pro Studio



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