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A crucial part of instructional technology is having the right facility. At St. Mary's, we are very lucky. If you are interested in teaching in a room equipped with everything from projectors to DVD players, we have approximately 30 classrooms from which to choose. In addition, ATS' staff will support you in developing and delivering your teaching content to take advantage of these rooms' capabilities. Here's how it all started.

St. Mary's University prides itself on community. We believe that through proper planning, development, and implementation of technology-enhanced curriculum is, the embodiment of "community" is only improved. Our technology classrooms serve not a testing ground for this believe, but a proving ground.

Faculty across campus are finding it easier to present computerized presentations. To show digital movies and audio clips. And to allow students to participate and research instantly through Internet connections. We find that faculty have an overwhelmingly positive experience teaching in our technology classrooms and that students respond to the infused curriculum.

Technology is not a panacea and our technology rooms are no different. Projectors and presentations, videos, and the Internet do not always make teaching and learning better. Only you know what is best for your courses and teaching style. But the main benefit St. Mary's technology rooms provide you is choice.

And today the choice is yours.

For More Information
bullet If you are interested in a tour or orientation of any technology-enhanced classroom, please contact us at extension 431-2054.
bullet If you would like to reserving technology-enhanced classroom for your upcoming semester, please contact the Registrar's Office at extension 431-6789.


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Our Academic Technology classrooms can have the following technology:


  • Computer (Permanent)
  • Guest Laptop ports
  • Projector
  • VCR Player
  • DVD Player
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Document Camera
  • Faculty Internet Cable
  • Student Internet Cable
  • Wireless Internet
  • Video Camera
  • Remote Microphone
  • Touchscreen Monitor