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TechSmith (formerly Camtasia) Relay: Record and Publish with Ease

TechSmith (formerly Camtasia) Relay is a new campus-wide recording solution to record your computer screen and combine it with your audio. It's also a great tool to simply record only your audio. We combine Blackboard for restricted access with our Kaltura MediaSpace for storage of your video and audio files. Once recorded, the files are automatically sent to the server and made available for viewing.

workflow of camtasia relay: from recording on your local hard drive to publshing on the Blackboard iTunes U site  

Request TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay

To request TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay for your Blackboard courses each semester, follow the steps below. First, you'll first need to activate your Kaltura MediaSpace account at for recordings to be published. Second, please contact Jeff Schomburg at 210-431-5073 or Dr. Angle Tazzer at 210-431-5009 the Camtasia administrator (Jeff Schomburg 210-431-5073).

  • Go to your Blackboard course control panel
  • Select course tools
  • Select iTunes U
  • Click the Enable iTunes U button
  • Go to any content area on the course menu or the iTunes U course menu is still available
  • Select Add Interactive Link button
  • Choose iTunes U link
  • Name the link (I usually call mine "Our iTunes U Course Link"
  • Submit the iTunes U link
  • From now on, this link is the only place both students and instructors need to click
  • Repeat all the steps above for each semester course you want iTunes U


Watch Jeff Schomburg's Introduction to Camtasia Relay

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Here is what Camtasia Relay is and does:

Easy audio and video recording on a Mac or Windows computer.

Simple video trimming to beginning and end points.

Worry free publication to iTunes U storage connected to your Blackboard course.

It is perfect for recording your voice and demonstration of a software technique such as Excel, SPSS, SAS, Mathcad, Photoshop, Web sites, etc.

Once you record your voice and screen capture demonstration video, you'll send it to our iTunes U storage space only accessible to your your Blackboard course

The recording will head to the Camtasia Relay server to compress and then reside in iTunes U area restricted to your students

Camtasia Relay recordings are not meant to replace lecture, but to provide "additive" instruction allowing you and your students to do more with class time.



Why Camtasia Relay?

Flip your classroom - Prerecord lectures and use class for problem solving and discussion.

Lecture capture - Give your students the ability to review material as much as they need to.

Create supplemental materials - Encourage discussion and group work by having students view lectures prior to class.

Enhance distance learning - Give online learners the benefit of lectures.

Deliver video feedback - Record as you grade and provide insight to students.

Record meetings - Eliminate travel costs and scheduling obstacles by making information available 24/7

New tours and orientation- Expand your department by recording information for new hires.

Training - Easily distribute everything your team needs using video.



Camtasia Relay is sponsored by the Bill Greehey School of Business in thanks to the Alkek Foundation.


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Request Camtasia Relay

Jeff Schomburg, Executive Director of Academic Technology Services
Ph : 210-431-5073


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