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Do You Know dShare?10 GB of Storage

Faculty and staff now have their own personal virtual hard drive for storage.

St. Mary's has an expansive virtual storage system for departments, faculty, and staff. It is known as the dShare. It is greate storage area for Bb Archives and email backups.

When on campus, each faculty member can connect and store up to 10 Gigabytes of files and folders to the dShare. It’s St. Mary’s version of cloud-based storage, but your data is stored and protected inside the walls of campus. The dShare is available for full-time and adjunct faculty. And it’s a recommended place to store each of your Blackboard archived zipped files.

The dShare is only accessible from inside of campus, but we can help faculty review other options to access your office computer from off campus, thus accessing the dShare from off campus as well.

dShare Videos — Learn How to Map to the dShare from a Mac or PC


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How to Map the dShare from you PC

If you log in to your Windows PC on campus with your “Domain” account, your dShare drive should automatically mount. You’ll find it under your “My Computer” icon on your desktop or “Start” button. If it’s not there, you can also manually map the dShare.

Windows Explorer > Map Network Drive > \\\users\your_username At the login window, enter your Gateway username as follows: stmarytx\your_username

How to Map the dShare from you Mac

If you have a Mac, you’ll need to manually map to your personal dShare drive through the Finder menu. Once connected, you’ll see the dShare mounted on your desktop.

Finder > Go > Connect to Server > smb:// At the login window, enter your Gateway username as follows: your_username


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