Educause 2013 Workshop

A Breakthrough Model for Faculty Development:
The Life-Cycle Approach

Thank you for your interest in our EDUCAUSE 2013 half-day seminar. Our year-long model consists of a week-long Summer Faculty Institute, a Fall Faculty Technology Conference on teaching with technology, and a Spring Faculty Showcase series.


We welcome the opportunity to connect and discuss the development of the model, planning, funding, promotion, and assessment of each component of the model. Contact Jeff Schomburg, Director of Instructional Technology, at 210-431-5073 to learn more.


We've gathered a collection of resources used throughout our "life-cycle" approach. We recommend opening the PDF documents with the full Adobe Reader rather than alternative PDF preview software or browser plugins.

Open PDF documents only in Adobe Reader or the Adobe Reader app

Faculty Institute Forms

bullet Faculty Institute Application pdf icon word icon

bullet Interview Questions on Instructional Design* pdf icon indesign icon

bullet Understanding by Backward Design Action Plan**pdf icon

bullet Understanding by Backward Design Action Planpdf icon

bullet Request for Assistance Form pdf icon

bullet Showcase Signup Formpdf icon word icon


Planning and Communication Documents

bullet Faculty Institute Budget and Timeline Planner word icon

bullet Sample Faculty Announcement for Application word icon

bullet Dean's Letter Encouraging Faculty Participation word icon

bullet Provost's Letter Announcing Selected Faculty Participants word icon

bullet Faculty Reconnet Letter pdf icon

bullet Fall Technology Conference Invitation pdf icon

bullet Faculty Showcase Paper Template word icon

bullet Faculty Showcase Paper Sample word icon

bullet Provost's Letter Encouraging Campus-Wide Showcase Participation word icon


2013 Faculty Institute External Speaker Presentation Samples

bullet Susan Henderson's 2013 Faculty Institute Keynote Presentationpowerpoint icon

bullet George Saltsman and Dr. Stephen Baldridge — Teaching in a Digital Age pdf icon

bullet Dr. Judith Boettcher's 2013 — Online Teachingpowerpoint icon


Feedback and Analysis

bullet Pre-Institute Surveypdf icon

bullet Post-Institute Surveypdf icon




EDUCAUSE 2011 West/Southwest Regional Conference

Prepared for EDUCAUSE 2011 West/Southwest Regional Conference
Austin, TX
February 22, 2011



Contact Us
bullet Dr. Michael Chen
Executive Director of Academic Technology — 210-431-5009
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bullet Jeff Schomburg
Director of Instructional Technology — 210-431-5073
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Seminar Handout


Educause 2013 Handout

iBooks (iPad Only)
2013 Faculty Institute Resource Guide


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2013 Faculty Institute Resource Guide

May 13-16, 2013
Institute Schedule


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2013 Application Form
(Fillable PDF)


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Past Institute Binder


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*Faculty Interview Questions on Instructional Design Form adapted and used with permission from Office of Teaching & Learning with Technology at Texas Woman’s University.

**Backward Design Action Plan Form from Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, Understanding by Design, ©2004 ASCD. All Rights Reserved.