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Picture of Dr. Gwendolyn Diaz

Dr. Gwendolyn Díaz was reared in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After moving to the U.S. she obtained a Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature with a concentration in French from the University of Texas at Austin. She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and publishes in both English and Spanish.

Díaz specializes in the works of contemporary Latin American women authors and authors of the Latin American Boom Period. She is the founder and director of the Las Americas Letters Series in Literature and the Arts. She has spoken at conferences throughout Europe and the Americas and has served on the Executive Committee of the South Central Modern Language Association and the Asociación Internacional de Literatura Femenina Hispánica, as well as several editorial boards.

She is the Director of the Graduate English Literature and Language Program at St. Mary’s University and is active in international education and in various arts and cultural organizations. As Coordinator for Graduate Latin American Programs, she is currently establishing double degrees between St. Mary's University and several universities in Argentina. Her awards include a Fulbright Grant at the Universidad Católica in Buenos Aires, a Carnegie-Mellon Fellowship, St. Mary's University's Distinguished Professor Award and an Honorary Professorship from the Universidad Católica de Salta, Argentina.

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Picture of Dr. Diaz with Dr. Charles Cotrell and Maria Kodama.St. Mary’s University signs agreements for graduate programs in Argentina